Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hello, interwebberz.
Since I already am all up in digi-world, it's about time I start a blog, aye?
Well I already still use my livejournal, so this blog with be specific and actually have a purpose. I'm going to start Project 365 - where I'll post one picture per day, every day for a year. It could be something meaningful, or just a random look into my day...
However! I'm going to wait till January first to start posting them! That way it'll be a fresh even start to a full year, it will be something to put on my lousy resolutions list, and give me time to figure out how to even fuckin blog. Woo!
I'm impatient as fuck though... but I still have every other account that the WWW has to offer to use till then...

See ya in 2009 :]